There are lots of elite ranks;starting from minor elite and ending with the councilor.Between this two ranks are major elite, ultra elite,elite ranger,stealth elite,spec-ops and spec-ops commander,zealot,shipmaster,honour guardsman,ultra honour guardsman,Imperial Admiral , arbiter and kaidon.Maybe these aren't all of them but they are the most important.The rank is obtained by the skill of the elite and it's strategy,tactic and intelligence.As on earth an elite can get higher in rank or lower.The arbiter is temporary rank for crisis.If an elite has a rank higher than stealth elite it can command cruisers.If an elite has a rank such as zealot commander or imperial admiral or even spec-ops commander it can command flag-ships.The honour guardsman and ultra honour guardsman are guarding important personalities.The zealot rank can be fleet master,ship master or field master.The ranger elite rank has got a jumppack and can fly with it.Elites with ranks higher than ultra elite can use camouflage.