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Biography(summary) Edit

Rtas'Vadum is a spec-ops commander and  shipmaster.First he worked as spec-ops on his own or with other elites in special missions. He appears in lots of novels and comics,fighting against the flood.He lost many of his friends like Kusofai in fights,but he finished all his missions with great honour and skill.He became spec-ops commander after many wins against his opponents.He commanded the elites in the fight on the gas mine against the heretics.And he became shipmaster in the fight with the Coveanant Loyalist.He commanded the Shadow of Intent and numerous groups of elites.He led the humans and elites aboard the Shadow of Intent while John117 and Thel' lit Installation 04.Then he gave Thel' the control of his cruiser and took he and the rest of sangheili to sangheilios,their homeworld. 

Trivia Edit

  •  He lost two of his mandibels in the fight with infected Kusofai.He is called split-jaw because of this.
  • He and Thel are the only to call John(Master Cheif) 'Spartan '
  • His favorite weapon is the energy sword