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Biography(summary) Edit

He's an elite(sangheili)that was born on the  planet sanghelios in the state of Vadam.He got a rank of zealot after he prooved that he is a skilled intelligent warrior.He was the possesor of his actual rank,the arbiter, after the prophets jugded him for losing of an important cruiser.Then he fought some rebels elites and killed them.Then he fought his way to the index of instalation 05 .He discovered that the prophets were lying and betrayed him and his race so he started a camping against the prophets with his race and with some of the grunts and hunters.They allied with the humans and killed the prophets and other opponents of theirs.

 Shame or Honour   Edit

Mark of Shame it's a symbol that was incripted on Thel's chest when he was stripped off his armor .First it was a shame symbol but after the elites realized that the prophets were liars and betrayers it turned into an honour symbol.After a little time all the elites had it on their armor.
Mark of Shame by CeruleanRaptor